How data and deep learning are transforming products and services.

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Big Data promises tremendous transformations in education, healthcare, climatology, insurance, transportation, and the list goes on. The anxiety of emerging artificial intelligence replacing your role in society is a shared sentiment among leading AI experts. According to a 2019 Brookings Institution report, about 25 percent of US jobs (36m) will face high exposure to automation within the decade. But there is reason to be optimistic in this strange new world. We are drowning in data, but thirsting for wisdom.

Aron Wiesenfeld. Adaptation. 2019, Arcadia Contemporary.

How evolutionary dynamics can explain the behavior of financial markets and our own psyche.

The arguments presented borrow heavily from the fantastic research and prose of Adaptive Markets by MIT Professor and Director of the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering, Andrew Lo and Good Reasons for Bad Feelings by juggernaut of evolutionary medicine, Randolph Nesse, MD.

According to a 2020 CDC Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report, anxiety and depression symptoms ticked up 17.4 percent and 17.8 percent, respectively, since the second quarter of 2019. …

Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells

The challenges facing our species regarding climate change are imminent and inescapable. If we do not act immediately, the social fabric, the environment and life as we know it, will seize to exist. Rejecting the facts and labeling scientists as climate alarmists with a leftist agenda, not only has no utility but muddies the water of an already complex problem.

In his searing perspective regarding the major elements of climate change, David Wallace-Wells provides an albeit, hard-to-read, potentially nihilistic account of the dangers that lie ahead. …

Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport

“You see how few things you have to do to live a satisfying and reverent life?” — Marcus Aurelius

From the productivity juggernauts of Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Cal Newport returns with Digital Minimalism: a timely and persuasive case for living a deliberate life in the Age of the Internet.

Principles from the Book:

  1. Tobacco Farmers in T-Shirts: Using highly suggestive psychological queues that are baked deep into our million-year-old brains, social media companies engineer their interfaces to suck as much time from you…

by Yuval Noah Harari

A forefront commentator on human nature past, present and future, Israeli historian, Yuval Noah Harari identified the threats and opportunities that solicit our immediate attention in his 2018 book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

The Lessons:

  1. Disillusionment: The disenchantment of 20th Century globalism, liberalism, and communism is set to occur within the next few decades because of their inadequate ability to shape meaningful narratives that inspire solutions to ecological collapse and technological disruption.
  2. Work: Work displacement due to technology is an alarmist narrative that has techno-pessimists on their high horses. Although the emergence of new…

Stripping the Dread from Data by Charles Wheelan

“Recognize that your motivation, ambition and talents will determine your success more than the college name on your diploma.”

Concepts from the book:

  1. Correlation: Correlation does not imply causation.
  2. Basic Probability: Probability is not deterministic, there are but things that are likely and unlikely to happen.
  3. The Importance of Data: Making assumptions with correct methodology but flawed data will result in potentially catastrophic results. Good data is harder to find than one might think.
  4. The Central Limit Theorem: A statistical theory that states for a large, properly drawn sample will resemble the…

How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Principles of the Book

  1. Extreme Ownership: The leader must own everything in his or her world. Leaders must admit acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win. The leader bears full responsibility for explaining the strategic mission, develop the tactics and securing training and resources to enable the team to properly and successfully execute. …

Your Financial Freedom Playbook By Anthony Robbins

The distillation of the ethos of world-class investors into a quick read as the beginning of your road to financial freedom.

A trope throughout the book is best defined by the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet: “Rule 1 is to never lose money. Rule 2 is to never forget the first rule.”

Lessons from the book:

  1. Don’t focus on big gains, focus on mitigating loss.
  2. Asymmetrical risk/reward ratio: Invest only in things you can confidently return five times your initial investment.
  3. Success in investing takes a particular temperament: Don’t allow your gut to make all the decisions, confide in your logic and pragmatism to ride you out of the storm.

The worst thing you can do is be out of the market. The fruits are reaped by those shoulder the annual corrections and buy as soon as it occurs.

by Ben Horowitz


You might’ve recognized his name from the prolific Silicon Valley venture firm that bears his name, a16z (Andreessen Horowitz). Technology entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, there’s no one more qualified to guide you through the turbulent, yet rewarding journey of becoming a founder-CEO.

His 2014 book, The Hard Things about Hard Things, is a candid punch in the face to the wantreprenuers of today that details life in the trenches as he built his own technology company during the precipice of the Dot Com Crash, where funding was scarce and…

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